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15 Apple TV games worth buying a gamepad for

New games come out pretty frequently for the Apple TV, and while there are thankfully more games that work well with the Siri Remote, there are also many that just cry out for a dedicated gamepad. Many of these are console favorites—or console-inspired games—that just aren’t meant for a small touchpad, and a gamepad goes a long way towards making your Apple TV feel like a proper gaming machine.Even though the Apple TV doesn’t ship with a traditional gamepad, it’s becoming a more and more necessary pickup if you want to enjoy the set-top box’s top gaming experiences. The Siri Remote is just fine for lightweight games, but with more fully-featured games requiring or playing much better with a physical controller, it’s really worth considering the purchase.Luckily, there are plenty of great Apple TV games that really benefit from having a gamepad in hand—and we’ve picked 15 of our favorites in the slides ahead. All of these games are noticeably improved by having analog sticks and buttons at hand, and while only Minecraft actually requires a gamepad, they collectively make a strong case for spending the extra cash to make the Apple TV feel more like a dedicated game console.Still need to snag an Apple TV gamepad? We’ve used all of the major options on the market today and have some recommendations.

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