If you weren’t too crazy about that camera cutout that Samsung has introduced with their newly announced Galaxy S10 flagship line, we have sort of good news for you. There is actually a way for you to hide that and give your smartphone a cleaner and more pleasant look. You have the option to give a virtual bezel at the top so it looks like your device doesn’t have that cutout where the front-facing camera is located. However, you will not get that nearly bezel-less look that you probably like.

When you have your Galaxy S10, simply go to the settings and look for the Display menu. You’ll see a Full Screen apps section and under that you’ll see the Hide front camera option. Tapping that will add a black bar to the top of your screen, hiding that cutout that may not be visually appealing to everyone who want to have a clean-looking display.

However, don’t rejoice yet. Doing so will actually reduce the real estate available on your screen. It will give you bigger bezels at the top and if you’ve gotten used to the almost bezel-less look that Samsung flagships have had over the years, then it will be visually jarring for you as well. So you will have to choose between having thin bezels but seeing that cutout or making it “disappear” but having thicker bezels than usual.

If you’re getting the Galaxy S10+, the virtual bezel would be more useful as you actually have the two front-facing cameras on opposite sides of the screen instead of the middle. So you actually get two cutouts on the left and the right so having a black bar to hide them may be the better option.

It will also take some time for developers to adjust their apps to accommodate that cutout. So just hiding it would still make using apps and games better as they have yet to update the app to work around it.

VIA: SAM Mobile