Google has been boasting about a new feature that they are adding to Google Assistant using the Duplex technology. Basically, it allows you to book reservations at restaurants without actually having to talk to people. While the tech was demonstrated at the I/O Developer’s Conference last year and some have been able to try it out in a limited capacity, it’s only now that we’re finally getting an expanded rollout. Starting this week, Pixel 3 owners in 43 states will be able to use this new feature.

In case you need a reminder on how this goes, all you have to do is tell your Google Assistant something like “Book a table for two people at the (name of restaurant) for tonight at 7. It might ask you some questions to clarify things and when it’s “satisfied”, it will tell you that it will get back to you after it has made the booking.

Google Assistant will then call the restaurant and make the booking for you. They tried to make the voice as natural sounding as possible although the establishment will probably know that they’re talking to an AI. If the reservation is successful, you’ll receive a notification, an email reminder, and a calendar invite as well, with all the details indicated. Just show up at the place at the designated time and enjoy your meal.

This service is now available in 43 states in the US. Google plans to expand it to not just restaurants but other establishments as well where you can make the reservation. For now, it’s only Pixel 3 devices that can use it but they also plan to bring it to other Android smartphones and Google Assistant-supported devices.

SOURCE: Google