Google Arts & Culture continues to be a source of endless and interactive information without you having to leave your chair and go to a museum or something. Okay, of course going to these actual places is still the best, but if you cannot, the next best thing would be to view it on an app wherever you are. The latest project that they’re releasing is to celebrate inventions and discoveries that we’ve witnessed over the years. Once Upon A Try is now available to explore to your heart’s content.

The online exhibit is a collaboration with with over 110 institutions as well as curators and archivists from over 23 countries. There are over 400 interactive collections to explore with exhibits from the Corning Museum of Glass, The Henry Ford, The Cinematheque Francaise, National Women’s History Museum, etc. This is actually the largest online exhibition that you can see about the inventions and discoveries.

You can also go into the Street View on some of the exhibits as well as zoom into over 200,000 artifacts in high definition. There are also five talks from inspirational scientists who explore the “superpowers” that are being created through science. If you plan to become an inventor, there are also tips that you can look at as well as learning about the value of failure in the process of inventing an discovering things.

You will also be able to download the Big Bang augmented reality app that was developed with CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). The AR app has a 360-degree exploration of the birth and evolution of the universe, hosted by Tilda Swinton. You can explore the more than 127,000 images in NASA’s archive with the Visual Universe tool. And of course, in connection with this, you get to tour the Space Shuttle Discovery.

You can explore the Once Upon A Try exhibit on the Google Arts & Culture app. If it’s the first time you’ll try this app, there are a lot of other interactive exhibits that you can try out.

SOURCE: Google