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Apple pursues Qualcomm chip engineers as modem legal battle deepens
November 16, 2018

Locked in an increasingly dangerous legal battle with Qualcomm over modem patents and trade secrets, Apple is upping the ante by aggressively seeking to lure employees from its one-time chip supplier. According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple is now seeking chip engineers located in Qualcomm’s home city of San Diego, California, territory the company has not previously targeted in its recruiting efforts. While Apple’s own chip...

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The 5-Point 2018 iPad Pro review: Awesome hardware held back by software and pricing
November 15, 2018

Apple debuted the first iPad in 2010, and I’ve tested nearly every sequel released since then: the iteratively evolved second-, third-, and fourth-generation models, smaller iPad minis, thinner iPad Airs, and bigger iPad Pros. Thanks to the $329 entry-level iPad and its current brethren, today’s iPad lineup is the best and most diverse in history — a major evolution over less than a decade. But eight years into its tablet experiment,...

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Apple's 2018 MacBook Air features the latest MacBook Pro's silicon membrane keyboard
November 12, 2018

Though Apple has stated in the past that the new MacBook Air features the same third-generation Butterfly keyboard mechanism as the 2018 MacBook Pro, a recent iFixit teardown has confirmed.iFixit, as the website does with nearly every tech product, tore apart Apple’s 2018 MacBook Air, confirming that the new version of Apple’s popular laptop features a silicon membrane under its keyboard keys.Similar to the third-generation MacBook Pro, this...

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IDC: Tablet shipments decline for 16th straight quarter
November 3, 2018

The tablet market has now declined year-over-year for 16 quarters straight. Q3 2018 saw an 8.6 percent year-over-year decline: 36.4 million units shipped worldwide, compared to 39.9 million units in the same quarter last year. The only silver lining is that the Q3 2018 decline wasn’t double digits again. While 2017 quarters only saw single-digit declines, Q1 2018 and Q2 2018 were in the double digits. The estimates come from IDC, which...

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If iPad Pros are computers, Apple should become transparent with specs
November 1, 2018

One of the big themes at Apple’s “More in the Making” event yesterday was the iPad’s emergence as a major computing platform — a rival to the notebook industry, and computers as a whole. Apple CEO Tim Cook began his introduction of the new iPad Pro by positioning the tablet lineup as more successful than any notebook. We’ve now sold well over 400 million iPads, making it the most popular tablet by far — no one else is even...

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Everything Apple announced at its 2018 iPad and Mac event
October 31, 2018

If it feels like it was just last month when Apple last dominated the tech headlines with a feast of new product launches, well, you would be correct. But the main focus of today’s event in New York wasn’t the iPhone — it was its bigger-screened brethren, the iPad and the Mac. Not to mention a few other tidbits. While the usual assortment of leaks and rumors once again reared their heads in the build up, with the event now over,...

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Apple updates Mac Mini with 4- or 6-Core CPUs and 2TB SSD
October 31, 2018

It’s been nearly four years since Apple refreshed the diminutive Mac Mini’s hardware, but the Cupertino company finally updated the old-in-the-tooth PC’s hardware at its “More in the Making” event at Brooklyn’s Academy of Music this morning. The new Mac Mini features a familiar rectangular design (with the same size 7.7 x 1.4 x 7.7-inch, 2.9-pound enclosure), but in a space gray finish. It has Intel’s 8th generation processors...

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Apple passes 100 million active Mac users
October 31, 2018

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced during the company’s “More in the Making” event in New York City that Apple has hit a new milestone: 100 million active Mac users. He added that 51 percent of Mac buyers are “new to Mac” and noted that in China that figure is 76 percent, highlighting growth in the world’s most populous country. The latest worldwide PC shipment numbers — for Q3 2018 — showed Apple in fourth place (according to...

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The 5-point iPhone XR review: How Apple walks the fine line of greatness
October 29, 2018

When Apple packs its most expensive iPhone with all the latest innovations, it’s hard for anyone to get excited about the next step down the line. So after September’s debut of the $999 iPhone XS and $1,099 iPhone XS Max, no one was shocked that the more affordable iPhone XR’s late October launch didn’t feature throngs of queued-up customers or local news crews — it’s technically not Apple’s 2018 flagship product. Despite the...

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Apple, Samsung, fined by Italian anti-trust watchdog for "bad" software updates
October 26, 2018

Another day, another huge fine lobbied at huge companies by anti-trust watchdogs. This time, the companies getting fined are Apple and Samsung who are of course no strangers to cases like this. Italy’s anti-trust body acted on complaints from consumer groups about the alleged practice of both companies to release software updates that would slow down the performance of their smartphones, therefore, forcing...

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