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Honor intros three new, innovative mobile technologies
December 12, 2018

Huawei is always busy. While premium flagship smartphones are being prepped, it’s sub-brand Honor–is also working on new product offerings. The Honor 8X recently rolled out in the European markets following its launch alongside the Honor 8X Max, ready with dual cams and notched displays. There is also the Honor Magic 2 that boasted super slim bezels, a slide-out selfie camera, and a Kirin 980 chipset. Of...

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Huawei 3D camera phone may become a reality
December 11, 2018

After learning about this, we decided we won’t be surprised if Huawei overtakes Samsung anytime soon. Even without the US mobile market, Huawei got ahead of Apple. It comes in second after Samsung but with all the technology and innovation the top Chinese OEM is rolling out, there is a possibility Huawei will be bigger than Samsung. The brand was the first to make the dual rear camera system a standard. It...

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EU technology commissioner: Europe should be worried about Huawei
December 9, 2018

(Reuters) — The European Union should be worried about Huawei and other Chinese technology companies because of the risk they pose to the bloc’s industry and security, the EU’s technology commissioner said on Friday. “Do we have to be worried about Huawei or other Chinese companies? Yes, I think we have to be worried about those companies,” Andrus Ansip told a news conference in Brussels, days after a top executive at Chinese tech...

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Huawei Nova 4 hands-on photos show camera hole, dual cameras
December 7, 2018

The Samsung Galaxy A8s is expected with a hole-screen smartphone. Huawei will directly compete with the Nova 4, also with the same cutout display. We only have a few details about the Samsung phone but its cutout measurement has been detailed. We learned the Infinity-O cutout and camera-hole display hit the FCC recently. As for the Huawei Nova 4, we’re expecting it to be the controversial Huawei Nova 3i we...

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Samsung Galaxy A8s, Huawei Nova 4 will arrive with cutout-display, hole-screen
December 5, 2018

Before the top OEMs compete next year in the foldable phone arena, Huawei and Samsung will first introduce the two new mid-range phones with a new kind of display. The cutout screen or display with camera hole is a new tech and we’re curious how the industry will receive it. We have no doubts about the advantage such offers because the hole found in the upper left part of the screen allows an almost...

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Leaked Huawei P Smart 2019 features a teardrop notch
December 3, 2018

By Andy Walker on 23 November, 2018 <!-- @AndyWalkerSA --> The Huawei P Smart has been one of the company’s best performing devices in South Africa, and it looks like we might be in for a revision in the new year. Leaked by German tech site WinFuture, the Huawei P Smart 2019, as it’s referred to, will feature a 6.2 inch LCD screen with a 2340×1080...

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Honor officially arrives in South Africa, debuts the swanky 8X
December 2, 2018

By Andy Walker on 21 November, 2018 <!-- @AndyWalkerSA --> Huawei has a fairly thick smartphone portfolio in South Africa, but on Tuesday night the company introduced its “e-brand” to the country. Although you could purchase its phones for a good few months already, Honor officially announced its presence in South Africa, and with it, the 8X flagship. At R5499, it’s an...

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Huawei Mate 20 Pro Durability Test: See if this is worth the high price tag
November 28, 2018

Huawei’s latest premium flagship phone is the Mate 20 Pro. It comes equipped with a triple rear camera system and follows the P20 Pro’s impressive features and functions. Zack Nelson aka JerryRigEverything got to stress test the smartphone by scratching, burning, and bending the device. We’ve got high expectations because it is a premium Huawei phone. The P20 Pro didn’t disappoint. In fact, it’s...

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US wants foreign allies to also stop using Huawei telecoms equipment
November 28, 2018

It looks like the U.S government is really determined to make Huawei’s telecoms business out of favor with some of its closest allies. Sources are saying that Washington is conducing an outreach campaign to countries like Germany, Italy, and Japan in an effort to persuade their wireless and internet providers to ditch the Chinese company, which they have long accused of collaborating with the Chinese...

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Huawei P Smart 2019 images, phone specs leaked
November 27, 2018

A new Huawei P Smart will be unveiled soon as images were shared by Roland Quandt in cooperation with WinFuture. Images appeared online and we believe these are press photos. The Huawei P Smart 2019 is only a mid-range phone. It joins the Honor 10 Lite and the Honor 10 Youth Edition (China) and shows the familiar gradient color scheme. Known this early as the “Potter” the Huawei phone is expected to have a...

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