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Cheeky Prints Of World Leaders, Captured From Unusual Perspectives – DesignTAXI.com

Image by TBWABuenos Aires via Ads of the World No news is good news, they say. That’s because everyday reportings, especially those to do with politics, can seriously wear readers down.
Argentinean news site Dos Miradas—which translates to “two looks”—believes there are two sides to every coin, and thus two ways to tell a story.
In proving that it aims to make light of hard news, it has teamed up with TBWABuenos Aires to create an amusing campaign starring three characters that are regularly featured on the front pages of media channels.
The print ads show world leaders Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, and Vladimir Putin in amusing photo angles to depict the site’s refreshing perspectives.
You might have read the same stories elsewhere, but this portal seemingly portrays them differently—perhaps even mirroring how the general public sees things, like in the images below.
Image by TBWABuenos Aires via Ads of the World Image by TBWABuenos Aires via Ads of the World Image by TBWABuenos Aires via Ads of the World [Images by TBWABuenos Aires via Ads of the World]

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