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Fujitsu next to recall notebook batteries due to fire hazard

Fujitsu next to recall notebook batteries due to fire hazard

Before we associated exploding batteries with the Samsung Galaxy Note it was laptop batteries which were causing problems, and it seems we are returning back to form as first Lenovo and now Fujitsu has been involved in a recall due to laptop batteries presenting a fire hazard.

Fujitsu has issued a recall for their Lifebook and Celsius notebooks due to an overheating and potential fire hazard issue.

The following devices are affected: Lifebook E752, E733, E743, E753, P702, P772, S710, S752, S762, T732, T734, T902 and the Celsius H720. If your battery has product numbers (found on the white sticker on the battery) of CP556150-03, CP579060-01, and CP629458-03  you are eligible for a free battery replacement by contacting Fujitsu.

The following table has the affected serial numbers.

Recalled Battery Pack Part and Serial Numbers

Number (P/N)

Serial Numbers
The first 7 characters The last 7 characters
CP556150-03 Z130119 All
Z130120 000038Z – 004207Z
Z130131 – Z130205 All
CP579060-01 Z130129 All
Z130130 All
Z130131 000089Z – 000662Z
Z130221 All
Z130304 000045Z – 000563Z
001210Z – 001963Z
002302Z – 002847Z
Z130306 000017Z – 000524Z
CP629458-03 Z130301 – Z130407 All

Affected users should contact Fujitsu for a free replacement at 800- 835-4878 or 800-8FUJITSU.

Only 5800 units in the US and around 600 units in Canada are affected and there has so far only been one actual fire. Fujitsu is advising users to immediately stop using affected devices, power the laptop off, and remove the battery. Until a replacement battery pack is received, consumers should use the laptop by plugging in AC power only.

Via Neowin,  PR Newswire

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