Ad blocking isn’t exactly rocket science but admit it or not, it can be a challenge. We’ve tried a lot of ad blockers before like the Netguard, as well as, those built-in blockers on web browsers such as the Brave web browser, Opera Mini, Opera, and even the Chrome browser by Google. We also know Adguard that protects Android smartphones from ads and phishing but it’s been a while since we featured the third-party ad blocker. We’ve missed some updates but today, we’re learning that it’s getting the ability to block almost all apps and websites even without vpn.

This change on AdGuard may not need any mobile or WiFi connection to work. You only need to change the settings, especially on Android Pie. Just proceed to Settings> Private DNS> and then change dns to Doing these steps will block all ads–system wide–sans any VPN apps running behind.

AdGuard has always been committed to protecting the privacy of more people. If you’ve been an AdGuard user through the years, you will be happy about this improvement.

The latest update allows anyone to be protected on whatever device, wherever you may be. Whether you’re on your smartphone, smart TV, tablet, IoT device, or computer, you can take advantage of the AdGuard DNS.

The privacy-oriented DNS service is able to block all ads and trackers so you won’t have to worry about seeing unwanted ads.