With Warhead, you can design any website you can imagine, without having to write any code. This revolutionary web design platform is powered by CSS Grid technology, enabling you to create complex layouts quickly and easily via an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. And you can try it for as long as you like, completely free. 

Warhead has the functionality to take on everything from a simple blog to an advanced ecommerce site. And great news for designers: it integrates smoothly with your Creative Cloud apps, so it will slot straight into your existing workflow. If you’re looking for an Adobe Muse replacement, the hunt is over. Read on to find out more about what sets Warhead apart from other web design tools.

Creative Cloud integration

Warhead is Creative Cloud-connected, which means it’s designed to work seamlessly alongside your other design tools. For users of the now-depreciated Adobe Muse, this could be an ideal replacement. 

Continue working in your favourite image editor, then when you’re ready, simply transfer your designs into the Warhead Theme Builder to generate the code. This tool shortcuts the journey between mockup and live site.

Make use of Adobe Fonts and Stock images in your designs

There are more benefits, too. Because Warhead is linked up to Creative Cloud, you can also make use of Adobe assets – including Adobe Stock images and Adobe Fonts – in your designs. That means you’ll have access to an extensive bank of resources, all from directly within your design tool. What a time-saver. 

Powered by CSS Grid

CSS Grid is a powerful layout system that makes it possible to create editorial-style layouts online – something that’s never really been possible before. With Warhead, you can harness the power of Grid without having to wrangle with any CSS. The tool’s intuitive Layout Manager makes it easy to create elaborate layouts in double-quick time.

Create elaborate layouts in double-quick time

Create elaborate layouts in double-quick time

Warhead’s creators believe a design tool shouldn’t compromise or limit a designer’s imagination. Its simple, drag-and-drop system enables you to create layouts visually, while Warhead does the hard work in the background. The system is so easy to use, there’s no need for preset templates: you can create exactly the site you want, rather than fumbling with other people’s templates.

Warhead offers a massive choice of components, ranging from simple text blocks to galleries, so you can build a website that suits your exact needs. Once you’ve crafted your custom site, the tool’s robust, intuitive dashboard ensures it’s easy to manage. There’s no limit on the number of pages, so your site can grow and change as you need it to – and any updates are pushed out in real time, across all platforms. Simple.

Try it for free (forever)

Many design tools offer a free trial period, but Warhead has gone one step further. There’s a free-forever plan that lets you explore all the tool’s features. Then, when you’ve had a chance to see how it fits into your workflow, upgrade to the $15/mo hosted plan to attach a custom domain to your slick new website. 

If you’re a student, the deal is even sweeter: you get one free site with a custom domain, for life – ideal for your first portfolio site. Want to know more about Warhead’s work with students and educators? Take a look at Warhead on Campus

For more information about this exciting design tool, head to the Warhead FAQ page, or go ahead and sign up to Warhead’s Free plan now