Remember Angry Birds? It was that popular mobile game with all the slingshotting birds attempting to defeat egg-stealing pigs. Yeah, you know the one, it’s been downloaded millions and billions of times on various devices and even spawned a line of merchandise. In 2016 The Angry Birds Movie released and now a sequel is coming in summer 2019.

Today, a new cast member has been added and she’s a hit. Rapper/singer Nicki Minaj is joining the film to lend her talents to a role that is yet to be revealed. She could be a perfect fit in a role requiring some melodies but she is also quite the accomplished actress. Minaj has been featured as the voice for various characters including ones in Ice Age: Continental Drift and Steven Universe. Variety broke the news earlier today.

Minaj joins some big names of the industry who were all announced back in April. While Angry Birds as a whole is no longer at its peak, another film would certainly bring in much interest.