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New Avengers Playmoji stickers out in time for the movie
April 17, 2019

The last installment to “The Avengers” series is about to drop. Disney and Marvel Studios are busy preparing for the movie’s global release happening on April 24. By now, you’ve probably purchased movie tickets to get ahead of your peers. Comic geeks around the world are getting more excited as more teasers are shown. Nope, we won’t tell you to check that 4-minute video leak (Don’t you dare lest...

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Huawei AR glasses may need to work with a smartwatch
February 13, 2019

Virtual reality and other technologies have brought us VR glasses and VR headsets. There are a few models we’ve tried: the Lenovo Mirage Solo, Google Daydream View, the HTC Vive Focus. We haven’t featured anything new lately since that Daydream View VR going on sale on Verizon. Virtual reality is still out there but it’s being complemented by augmented reality. A number of devices we know combine VR and...

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