If you’re a creative and you’re lucky enough to own one of the many fantastic iPads on the market, then chances are good that it’s at least crossed your mind that it might be fun to try drawing on it. For that, you’ll need a stylus.

Contrary to what you might expect, the market does not start and stop at the Apple Pencil. There are many competitive options available from other manufacturers, and many of them are extra-attractive simply by virtue of not costing upwards of £129/ We’ve picked out the best of the best styluses available right now, for all iPad users and all budgets, so you can find which one is right for you and get to drawing.

In the following guide, we’ll walk you through the best iPad styluses with integrated buttons that you can customise for different functions, and we’ll help you decide whether an iPad stylus with a hard nib or soft nib is likely to be better for your requirements. Read on to find out exactly what stylus for your iPad you should buy – and where to buy it for the best price.

01. Apple Pencil

The best stylus for iPad overall – if your iPad is compatible with it

Pressure levels: 4096 | Weight: 20.7g | Length: 175.7mm | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Battery life: 12 hours